This year, we have so many things to be thankful for (albeit the list seems longer than normal for things we are NOT thankful for ~ ahem, Covid, we are looking at you!). One of the biggest thanks we have here at Zeal is to Zoom, Google Meets and other online meeting platforms that have stepped up in 2020 to support our needs for seeing each other, even when we can’t be in the same room.

You see, with these tools, we are able to still host our favorite party virtually – Friendsgiving! We encourage you to look at the event in an entirely new way and host the best Virtual Friendsgiving ever. Here are tips to make the event grand.

  1. Choose a theme – Friendsgiving! If you want to have sub-themes, such as Friendsgiving Pajama Rama, go for it! Other fun themes to consider:
    • Friendsgiving craft night
    • Friendsgiving craft cocktail soiree
    • Game night
  2. Choose an online platform that works for everyone – take a quick poll of your friends if they have any issues with any specific platform. It seems inevitable in every meeting that someone’s audio does not work on Google Meets, but it does work on Zoom. A quick email survey with the question “Is there any online meeting site that does not work for you or you have not yet tried?” will do the trick. Once you have the group feedback, go ahead and schedule the meeting so you have the link for your invites.
  3. Send out Evites! – creating online invitations is easy peasy with a few tools such as Canva, or even a group invite on Facebook is an option. Don’t forget to list the date, time, and link to the event.
  4. Assign people items to bring, just like if it was in person. Ways to do this for a virtual party:
    • Cocktails: Assign one person to be in charge of drinks. They can select a recipe or a signature drink for the event and send it to all participants in advance! Take it up a notch, and go to or and have the drink delivered to each party attendee!
    • Appetizers: Next up, assign appetizers. Order Charcuterie boards online and have them shipped in time for the party from sites such as or send gourmet cheese from Murrays Cheese.
    • Main course: Pick a few great recipes to have for the main course and send them out in advance! Challenge everyone to try something new OR it is always an option to have guests pick their own favorite main course of choice
    • Dessert : Pumpkin pies ship nicely. Lots of places provide this – Harry & David have been shipping pies for a very long time and are always a great bet! Or eCreamery has a Give Thanks collection for a sweet ice cream treat.
  5. Send party goods in advance – As the host, you are likely accustomed to a fairly sizeable investment for your annual party – decorations, cups, napkins, drinks… repurpose that budget to small gift boxes to mail each attendee. Throw in some cute napkins, potentially an engraved glass for the event, or theme socks! Be creative here and be sure to ship early! Add some extra fun and put a “do not open until the party” sticker on the box – check out custom No Peeking stickers at Zazzle.

Virtual events may not be an ongoing thing but while it is needed, they can really be almost as much fun as being in person. Have fun with your tribe and Happy Thanksgiving! If you love the idea but the planning seems daunting, reach out to your favorite Personal Assistant company, Zeal, to take on the event! Cheers all~