This post brings to mind one of my first clients. She was a busy mom to 3 kids, and try as she might, she would be absolutely crestfallen that an entire day’s worth of cleaning, tidying up and sprucing didn’t yield an effect that WOWED her.

“Why does my home feel so ‘full’? I almost get the feeling that it would spit us out if it could.”

She invited me over the morning of the cleaning and at the end of the day, I absolutely understood what she meant.

That ‘full’ feeling is not a trick of the mind. It’s your subconscious trying to bring attention to a key issue: Your home is jampacked with items you likely don’t need and haven’t used for ages.

“Julie, you’re not going insane. This is a problem many of us experience, especially when we start adding kids to the equation. We have double or triple X items, and we tend to keep things that have small tears or rips, justifying it with an “I’ll fix this and use it again…” statement. Eventually, we end up with too many things.”

“YES, that is my entire problem. I don’t know how or when I decided to keep storing items but once they’re categorized as ‘damaged’, I seem to put them out of sight and out of mind. I purchase replacements and the same thing happens when those need repairs. I hate feeling like this – my home is clean, but it feels a little gross and overwhelming if you know what I mean…”

Not everyone will go through similar steps, but it must be said that the mental and physical impact of a cluttered home can seep into your mind and body, causing havoc and more. If you’re used to your home having piles of clutter everywhere, changing that pattern can seem not only improbable but impossible.

Here are some simple tips to help you take the first step onward and forward to a clutter-free life.

Every journey starts with a single step and it gets easier the more steps you take. Once you’ve gotten used to living clutter-free, the little choices you make to stay that way don’t feel like chores; they simply become a part of daily life.

Well, what are you waiting for? Good luck!