Delegating is a powerful leadership skill that can transform how we work and lead.  A skill many of us have had to work to develop throughout our professional careers.  And now, after years of mastering this important skill in the workplace, why is it still so hard at…home?

Managing a home is a big job.  There is daily and annual standard maintenance, additional improvement projects, schedule management of each household member (including the furry ones), events to host, meal planning, cleaning, dishes, uniforms to wash, and more.  No doubt more than any one person can juggle successfully — so, why do so many individuals still insist on it? It is a skill to assign tasks to others to help successfully manage this kind of project. Really, no different than how you have been trained to do so in the workplace.  Nearly magical outcomes can occur when you master delegation.

Here’s why it matters at home:

  1. Build your Reserves:  Even when you have support (helpful people in your house with you), sometimes disaster strikes!  Knowing you have someone you trust to go to, to help you problem solve, help the fires burn bright.
  2. Enhances Productivity:  Over the long term, delegation enhances productivity by allowing you to not reach the point of being overwhelmed.  You are creating the opportunity for more time and energy to put towards more things – often the fun ones!  Finally, a garden or a girl’s weekend or, let’s be honest, a nap!
  3. Lessen the Stress:  By lightening the invisible load, and even the not-so-invisible, you are providing true, sustainable solutions to your home’s chaos.  This means less to fight about with your spouse and less to do after a long day of work or kid’s sports.  Let’s stress less!

So remember, in a world where time is your most valued resource, your openness and ability to delegate wisely can create a healthy, happy space where everyone thrives.

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