The Importance of Delegation

Delegating is a powerful leadership skill that can transform how we work and lead.  A skill many of us have had to work to develop throughout our professional careers.  And now, after years of mastering this important skill in the workplace, why is it still so hard at…home? Managing a home is a big job.  […]

Home Manager – Keeping the Heart of Your Home Beating

  In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, our homes are often the silent heroes that provide us with comfort, safety, and happiness. Like almost anything else in life that is this important to us we must take special measures to take care of it – or in this case, manage it.  A […]

Working mothers – We see you!

Being a working mother is no easy feat. Balancing the responsibilities of work, family, and personal life can be overwhelming, leading to high levels of stress and anxiety. Let’s explore some of the reasons why working mothers feel so stressed and most importantly – look at some tips for helping to resolve this. Why we […]

5 Ways to Streamline Home To Do’s

Life is busy – work, kids, pets, and well, just life! Most days it feels like the to-do list is too long to ever complete. This may be true, but there are countless ways to streamline your home chores and declutter your life. Here are some of the most effective ways we have seen at […]

Tips For Decluttering Your Home

Office space decluttered

Decluttering is a process of removing unnecessary items from your living space to create a more organized, clean, and functional environment. While it may seem like a simple task, the impact it has on your mental health is much greater than one might initially think. Here’s why decluttering can be beneficial for your mental well-being: […]

Holiday Gift Ideas – 2022

Grandpa – it’s time for gifts! Our easy shopping guide for the grandkids by age For grandparents, there’s nothing better than seeing the sparkle in their grandkids’ eyes, knowing they have something amazing waiting for them. In the current age, where many kids have pretty much everything, grandparents may choose to buy something akin to […]

Organizing your kitchen (where does it all go?!)

One of my clients called me  and she was in quite a state. “Kelly, thank you for helping me with my move. Moving is so stressful but Zeal made it so much easier! I have never been so relaxed during a move! I have another job for you – if you’re up for it…” Now, […]