Holiday Gift Ideas – 2022

Grandpa – it’s time for gifts! Our easy shopping guide for the grandkids by age For grandparents, there’s nothing better than seeing the sparkle in their grandkids’ eyes, knowing they have something amazing waiting for them. In the current age, where many kids have pretty much everything, grandparents may choose to buy something akin to […]

Declutter your home for a less cluttered mind

Declutter your home for a less cluttered mind

This post brings to mind one of my first clients. She was a busy mom to 3 kids, and try as she might, she would be absolutely crestfallen that an entire day’s worth of cleaning, tidying up and sprucing didn’t yield an effect that WOWED her. “Why does my home feel so ‘full’? I almost […]

Organizing your kitchen (where does it all go?!)

One of my clients called me  and she was in quite a state. “Kelly, thank you for helping me with my move. Moving is so stressful but Zeal made it so much easier! I have never been so relaxed during a move! I have another job for you – if you’re up for it…” Now, […]